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The Blood of Kaos Series

An adult fantasy adventure

Young and alone, she’s determined to avenge her family’s death. Could the influence of a powerful chieftain be an advantage or will fate deal another deadly card?

Despite warnings from close friends, Etain goes in search of her brother, who she thought was dead. In doing so, she puts in motion a series of events from which they might not ever recover

Two swords stand in a pool of blood. Dar is missing after a battle with the Bok. Etain hasn’t been seen since leaving the Elven city of Nunnehi.

Etain and Dar have come full circle – from losing a family through finding a new one to creating their own. Their life seems perfect until her brother steals her away because of the power she possesses.

It wasn’t Etain’s best day. Told to leave the only home she’d known since coming to the Alamir with no reason other than ‘you will understand one day’, she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

In her attempt to find the answers she deserved, she ended up on the wrong end of a sword, unconscious and her back broken, pinned to the outer wall of the home she’d just been forced out of.

Was the fairy tale over or just beginning?

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