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The Blood of Kaos Series

An adult contemporary dark fantasy

Etain never considered her father’s stories of the Alamir as an education toward her destiny.

Until a red-eyed assassin murdered her family.

Despite warnings from close friends, Etain goes in search of her brother, who she thought was dead. In doing so, she puts in motion a series of events from which they might not ever recover

Two swords stand in a pool of blood. Dar is missing after a battle with the Bok. Etain hasn’t been seen since leaving the Elven city of Nunnehi.

Etain and Dar have come full circle – from losing a family through finding a new one to creating their own. Their life seems perfect until her brother steals her away because of the power she possesses.

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Etain wasn’t born a warrior. But she learned quickly, taught by those who were Alamir long before her life began. This is the story of her journey in becoming one of the Alamirs greatest champions.

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