Nesa b&w I’m just a little ol’ Texan living in the motherland – England – with my English husband. I moved here several years ago, leaving my family & friends back in Texas.  I never realized just how different it would be. I’ve learned a lot and seen so many fantastical places. Places I would’ve never seen had I stayed in Texas.

The Blood of Kaos series is a story that developed from an online gaming community I belonged to many years ago – Superdudes. Sounds kinda corny, I know, but it was the most tight-knit online community you could ask for. We played games, we argued, we fought, we loved, and we made lifelong friends.

  • Alamir – Book 1 – released in 2017
  • DreamReaper – Book 2, released in 2018
  • Flesh & Bone – Book 3, released 2019

In the works –

Taboo, Book 4, is in edit mode. Dathmet believes Etain is the key to the legendary Krymerian Vault, a device believed to change the past. Kidnapping is the least of what he’s prepared to do to obtain it. Could this be his chance to completely erase Dar’s existence?



Alamir audio is coming together. My narrator, Ashley Nicole Stevens, is an amazing young actress who brings the story to life. Check out some of her work on Instagram. Ashley Nicole Stevens


Alamir has also been revamped for the Young Adult market! My granddaughter, Gema, has always wanted to read Alamir, but the original wasn’t appropriate for a younger audience. Three years later and she’s still asking to read it! So I decided to scale back the adult content and make it suitable for young adults. I’m hoping she’ll love it and Alamir will be a hit for a whole new group of fans.

Come meet Etain and Dar – fall in love with their story.


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