The Crystal Warrior – A Young Adult retelling of Alamir

Big release day this Tuesday – Nov 10! The Crystal Warrior is a contemporary dark fantasy for Young Adults and promises to deliver on every level.

Here’s a recent review –

Kaye (Please Don’t Plagiarize My Reviews) reviewed The Crystal Warrior: A Young Adult retelling of Alamir ⚔️⚔️ONE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY⚔️⚔️ November 2, 2020
Hatching hellhounds! Nesa delivers with this tantalizing little gem, weaving a cocoon around us so intricately and precise, luring us deeper into this tangled web until nothing else exists, melding this jewel together seamlessly. Add the captivating drama, riveting intrigue, startling events, unnerving encounters, escalating danger and swirling suspense, you have one thrilling adventure. Negotiating the dramatic twists and wicked turns, broken boundaries and dissolved limitations are amplified and exploited, reaching deep for every ounce of strength in a fierce surge of determination, launching forward with such intensity and vigor, bursting this baby to life brilliantly. The characters, banter, dialogue, interactions and charged atmosphere along with relatable qualities and individual traits, blend and flow, adding depth and diversity, transforming into outstanding personalities. The scenes are strikingly sharp with abundant details and graphic descriptions creating an elaborate backdrop that feels as though you were transported to ground zero with them. Remarkable job Nesa, thanks for sharing this amazing thrill with us.

Get your copy and experience the adventure!

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