Genre – we’ve all heard the word. Sometimes I think choosing the ‘right’ genre is more excruciating than writing the blurb – both play a role in marketing. Get the genre right, and you find your people – your audience. Get it wrong, and even hell freezing over won’t move your books.

First and foremost, I write Fiction, mostly Adult Fiction – I like to throw in a little sex, a few curse words, and a dash of violence. But that’s in general.

Then comes the choosing of the actual genre. It’s not enough to say Fantasy. There are a plethora of sub-genres and sub-sub-genres, and so on. I changed mine so many times it made my head spin. I started as Urban Fantasy because I set my stories in the modern-day. But Urban is in the ‘city’ and usually involves more modern weaponry. The fact that my characters use swords, bows, and other manual weapons tends to confuse some readers.

Perhaps Low Fantasy? Hmm, that’s not quite right, either. With so much sword & sorcery as well as Epic and even High Fantasy, it didn’t work.

With Action-Adventure and Paranormal included, there are touches of Mystery and Thriller. Someone even mentioned Horror at one point (I don’t think it referred to my writing abilities).

Contemporary? As I mentioned above, it’s modern-day with some modern touches and the story shifts between several locations all over the world.

Dark Fantasy? The genre eludes to a darker theme, some aspects of Horror and Supernatural. There are no werewolves (per se) or vampires – well, there is one Vampire, but not until later in the series – so please don’t expect any.

Contemporary Dark Fantasy – there’s the magic. The Alamir (humans with supernatural powers), a Krymerian, Elves, Goblins, Banshee, and perhaps a few you’ve never heard of before, will take you on an adventure filled with action, love, betrayal, friendship, and family. Get lost in The Blood of Kaos Series and discover a new world.

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