Taboo, Blood of Kaos Series, Book 4

After months of hard work, the fourth book in the Blood of Kaos Series is finally done! The e-book is available for pre-order now. Official release is October 1. Draw your swords and be prepared!

Taboo: A contemporary dark fantasy action adventure (Blood of Kaos Book 4) by [Nesa Miller]

She’s married to her soulmate, expecting twins, and has her brother, who she thought was dead. Her life seems perfect…

Etain has come full circle – from losing her first family through finding a new one to now creating her own. She’s finally found true happiness.

Until her brother steals her away because of the power she possesses.

He believes she has the key to change the past. One that will take him to a time when Dar is most vulnerable – a child. With Dar eliminated, he will inherit the Krymerian kingdom and rule over all the realms. Humans, Alamir, and every other race will bow to their new king or die.

He will stop at nothing to obtain it, even if the cost is his sister’s life and those of her unborn twins.

To track down his kidnapped family, Dar must rely on his psychic connection with his children. But even his magic has its limits. Can he get to them before their future and that of the Alamir is destroyed?

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