Climbing the Ropes

I hope y’all are keeping safe and sane!

Way back before the great isolation age, I would be so busy at work that once I got home, I was too exhausted to think about doing anything else. So I’ve been taking advantage of this downtime, working on a few projects. I just completed a course on Amazon Ads taught by Bryan Cohen. What an eye-opener! An unknown frontier to me, marketing on the Zon seemed more like a horror movie than a smart business decision. But no more! I have found Amazon Ads easier to use than Facebook Ads. Although it will take time to see positive results, I’m running with it!

Alamir audio is close to completion! I’ve discovered that writing a novel is not the same as speaking a novel. It’s not enough to understand what your characters look like or their quirks or how they react in situations. You gotta find the right voice, too. Sounds rather obvious (haha), but when you’ve spent hours creating, writing, and even reading aloud (it’s important), your perception of how they sound in your head does not necessarily translate to the spoken word. Just because a character is English doesn’t mean you hear what I imagine. Your idea of an accent will most likely differ from mine. Ashley Nicole Stevens has done an incredible job and been a great help in fleshing out each character. A few were easier to do. Etain is Texan. Inferno is Irish. Spirit is English. Although each one took some tweaking, it was Dar who lived up to his ‘elusive chieftain‘ reputation. He was the most difficult to figure out – for all of us. But just short of getting Henry Cavill to do the part, Ashley has brought the big man to life.

I have also adapted the Alamir story for a Young Adult audience. My reason is my oldest granddaughter. She’s wanted to read the story since it was published in 2017 but with her being so young at the time, it was impossible. She’s a few years older now and still interested. So I made the decision to create a version she could read. The story is basically the same without the adult aspects, but enough spice to keep it interesting. (I hope.) As such, the novel will have a new title and cover. I’m working with talented artist, Joy Landa, on the cover and will share more as it develops.

Taboo, Book 4 in the Blood of Kaos series, is in its second edit and should be ready soon! I’ll let you know when it’s ready for pre-order on Amazon. In the meantime, I’ve begun work on Book 5, as well as a novella that fits between Books 4 & 5. No titles yet. Book 5 will see the introduction of a new character – one who will challenge Etain and Dar with his wits, arrogance, and dogged determination. I’m excited to see where it goes!

I could go on… But I’m sure you have better things to do! Keep safe and stay tuned!

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