Blood of Kaos on Ingram Spark

I’ve finally been able to purchase my first batch of ISBN numbers! It’s a goal I’ve wanted to achieve since I published my first book. And to top that, I’ve downloaded all my books to Ingram Spark, a Print On Demand service that will make my books available to a ton more markets.

I have to admit, I was nervous. I read a lot of positive comments about their service and I read a lot of negative comments. Then I turned to a fellow author who had personal experience with Ingram Spark. She had nothing but great things to say so, I dove in and here we are. I found it easy to do and when I had questions or needed help, their Customer Service Chat came to the rescue. Leigh C was very helpful and walked me through the changes I needed to make. Thanks again, Leigh!

Now, when I walk into a bookstore to hawk my wares, I have ammunition!

The e-book formats are available on Amazon & Smashwords

Blood of Kaos Series – Amazon

Alamir – Smashwords

DreamReaper – Smashwords

Flesh and Bone – Smashwords

Paperbacks are currently available on Amazon – and may be in a bookstore near you soon.

We’re going global!!!


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