Just in Time for…

I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment. I just added an option where you can order a signed copy of any of my available books! Isn’t that absolutely delicious? Especially since the list is growing. Flesh and Bone, the third book in the Blood of Kaos Series, is in its editing stage. I’m hoping to have it available by December – maybe if you’re really good…

My plans for a graphic novel have taken a nose dive. Some things just aren’t meant to be…unless you know a talented starving artist who’s willing to tow the colored pencil path for possible stardom – or a chance at steady royalties.

2019 is sure to bring greater treasures! A possible audio version of Alamir…with DreamReaper and Flesh & Bone to follow. I’ll keep you informed as negotiations progress.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be meeting with the fabulous Amy Queau of Q Design, my graphic designer, to create a few teasers for F&B and…to design the cover of Book IV.

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