DreamReaper Release 1 March 2018

Pre-order for Kindle is live! I’ve ordered the proof of the actual book, and as soon as I approve it, the paperback will be available.

Freed from the curse of his dark brother, Dar and Etain return to Laugharne, ready to start a new life, together. Upon their arrival, they’re confronted by a young man dressed in neon-green Converse, a blue gem embedded in his hand, bringing with him memories of a past Etain would rather forget.

At the same time, the LOKI High Council await their chieftain’s return, and his ultimate arrest.

As the days pass, Midir’s cuimhní cinn, his memories, begin to manifest within Dar’s mind, affecting him and those around him. Are they memories, or the work of Midir’s apprentice, a blood-skinned demon determined to continue in his master’s footsteps?

Is the life of a warrior ever peaceful?

Discover the adventures and meet exciting new characters… However, beware the after effects of the DreamReaper…


book & iphone



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