Catch Up

Hi y’all. I know it’s been a while since I’ve added anything here.


You hadn’t noticed?

Well, that’s okay.  We all have lives, don’t we?

Between my day job being put on the chopping block (again, within nine months of the last time) and my mom passing away – my life has been a bit topsy turvy. Most days, I go on like always, doing this & that, pretending everything’s okay. Then…something comes along, sparking a memory or a thought of mom and I realize all over again that she’s moved on.

I try to see her with her sisters and favorite brother-in-laws, laughing & dancing as they did when they were younger. I imagine her sitting with her mother who passed when my mom was only five years old, catching up, filling in the gaps from growing up without your mother. That’s something I cannot imagine – growing up without your mom. I’m thankful I didn’t have to do that. It’s hard enough now and I’m a mom 3 times over and a grandmom 4 times.

So, on to what I originally intended to achieve today – the second book in the Blood of Kaos Series – DreamReaper – has gone to my editor for one more read through. Kim Young (the best in the business) graciously agreed to subject herself to another barrage of swords and sassy sexiness (yes, it’s in there) then it’s off to my final copy editor, Anna Johnstone, who I’m sure will tell me all my fight scenes are technically impossible and the swords are ridiculous. lol

Next Friday, I meet with the illustrious Amy Q to work on the cover. Hell if I know what I’m gonna do with it. Anyone have any ideas??? DreamReaper – dreams – nightmares – dream reaping…

I’m considering a pre-order campaign just before Christmas. What do you think? Book won’t be available until Jan 2018 (fingers-crossed) but wouldn’t it be the absolute best anticipated Christmas present in the world??? Tartarus! What a great way to start the new year!!!

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