Things are about to get real…

After a year lost at sea…

Not really…just lost, I’m gearing up for an interesting 2017. I know it’s still 2016, but I need a good running start!

Quick catch up – Blood of Kaos is in its third read with my lovely and talented editor, Kim Young ( and DreamReaper will be getting its third read soon. Now to find a cover artist worth their salt in Urban Fantasy – that’ll be two covers, thank you very much (ebook & print). Then my dilemma is – self-publish or endure the search for a lit agent? If I go the route of self-publishing, I’m thinking of using Book Baby. Anyone have other suggestions???

To support my author habit, I’ve started an Etsy site, pimping my glittery creations of wine & champagne glasses and just about anything willing to submit to my creative genius. Check it out!

I take commissions, too.

Let’s see just how far the Lady of Kaos can go…





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