New Life…excerpt from Blood of Kaos

I could feel the terror that gripped her heart; heard it in her tearful young voice. “Daddy, daddy, I don’t know what to do.”
Air, washed clean by a recent rain, now reeked with the smell of the hunter. He was close. I was not sure if my Krymerian mind could get through to her human one, but I had to try. I knew if I did not reach out to her, he would have her, and the promise of a beautiful life would end this night.
With a calm presence, comforting words pushed through the quiet darkness, telling her to concentrate on her breath and to slow her heart. There was a palpable tension in her young body, but in the next moment, I felt her let go. She relaxed and took control, accepting my compliments of her bravery with grace. We breathed as one, a deep breath into the belly, filling the vessel into the lungs and chest, followed by a slow, quiet release.
Now you must move, little one. The shadows will keep you safe.
She hesitated. I forced myself to hold my tongue. A push too hard could prove disastrous. In a short time, she scrambled into a darkened doorway. Steps rushed past at the end of the alley; the dark figure growled a curse. Her heartbeats thundered in my ears, so loud, in fact, I was afraid the assassin would hear and drag her away. Thank Tartarus, he moved on and the footsteps faded into the night.
We held a concerted breath, listening for any noise, to make sure he had gone. The night was quiet and still. It was then I heard the release of her tears. I heard her prayers for the warm voice to return and tell her what to do. “Please, angel,” she pleaded, “help me.”
I was merely a visitor in a strange world. How she was able to hear me, I do not know. What separated our communication in the next instant, I will never know. We were no longer connected. I was once again a silent spectator, watching her discovery of the brilliant silver orb. I alone witnessed her transformation from a girl with dirty blonde hair and tattered dress into a regal, silver-haired young woman in black leathers – a beautiful Amazon. No. She was more than that. She was my Etain.

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