Etain speaks…

In the human realm, Laugharne Castle stands as a romantic ruin on the southern coast of Wales located on the estuary of the River Tâf. Originally built in the 12th century, she transformed through the years from her humble beginnings as a ring work into a grand Tudor mansion in the 16th century, falling into disrepair in the late 17th century. Her remaining walls and hideaways bear testament to her former days of glory. However, in the Alamir realm, the realm positioned as a protective barrier between that of the humans and all others, Laugharne serves as the base of operations and home for the UWS (United We Stand) clan. Constructed by the faerie folk of the region as a stronghold against the Bok in the early years and later gifted to the clan, she stands whole and complete on the waterfront, overlooking the sapphire waters of the Talacharn estuary. Her framework of stately oak and yew trees with leaves tinged by hints of autumn lend a fiery backdrop, making her the most beautiful place in any realm.

Laugharne was my first real home after my transformation into an Alamir. Fresh from the human realm after the brutal murder of my family, I wandered alone through the southern lands of the Alamir. Unfamiliar with how things worked in this strange place, I was soon lost and near to starving when a twist of fate led me to an unlikely savior in the form of a man I dubbed as Master G. He was the chieftain of a small clan of have-me-nots and what other Alamir considered as miscreants: the Darth clan. Everyone who met the big man agreed he was pure intimidation, a trait he happily passed on to his faithful followers. However, once I got to know him and the others, I realized that we had a lot in common. They too had once lived in the human realm and were unprepared for their sudden shift into Alamir, having never suspected the destiny that awaited them. Some adapted quickly. For others it took longer. Darth clan mates were fiercely loyal to one another, to their cause, and, in time, to me. They taught me how to survive, how to disappear into a crowd, and how to fight. Master G begrudgingly tagged me as an apt student and admitted I learned my lessons well. Only because I surpassed so many others that had been Alamir far longer. He brought out in me leadership qualities that I didn’t know existed, and encouraged my willingness to help those not as adept at being Alamir. In spite of the asset I had become to the clan, the day came when he told me of his decision to set me free, “For the well-being of the clan as well as yours.” Saying good-bye to people I had come to consider family was the hardest thing I had ever done. I’ve never understood Master G’s reasoning, but my trust in him was absolute, and so I set out on my own.

Some would later call it a blessing. Inferno, chieftain of the UWS clan, always considered it a curse. Whichever it was, Lady Fate played her part by directing me to turn left instead of right. That was the day Dar VonNeshta barreled into my life and changed everything.

The Alamir had experienced a huge upheaval within their ranks. Many turned on their chieftains, claiming they would no longer protect the human decay that stained the earth. Civil war ensued within the Alamir, ripping the clans apart. Prior to the outbreak, the Bok, nemesis of the Alamir, had consisted of demons, goblins, and other supernatural beings that had no place in the human realm. A point never acknowledged by the Bok. Their focus had always been to penetrate and dominate the realm of the humans. However, once the rift occurred, they preyed upon those unhappy Alamir and swayed them to their cause.

A major instigator in the attempted decimation of the Alamir had been Dar’s dark brother, Midir. He was a nasty piece of work. A few days after my leaving the Darth Clan, he saw to it that Dar’s mighty blade, Ba’alzamon, found its mark in my midsection. I would have died that day were it not for Dar. That single act began a triangle that was not so much about love as it was about obsession – an obsession we thought had ended with the death of Midir.

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