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The Tunnel Betwixt…is Ingrid Hall’s groundbreaking novella about a Near Death Experience and is based loosely on a similar experience that the author had during her mid-twenties, when a routine operation went badly wrong. Have you had a Near Death Experience that you would like to share? If you have, then Ingrid would love to hear from you! Simply email your account (No more than 500 words), and Ingrid will consider it for publication on her blog


Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Where you go? Twenty-six year old Julia Fletcher has never given it more than a passing thought until a tragic accident sends her soul hurtling out of her body and into the tunnel that many of us go through after death. Confused and desperate for answers, Julia embarks upon an incredible journey of self- discovery as grieving for those that she has left behind she sets out to discover just “why” she has died before her time: a journey that sees her not only reunited with her dead brother and emotionally fractured aunt but also waging war upon the person responsible for her accident as she struggles to deal with her conflicting emotions. Julia eventually discovers that her only hope of returning to those that she loves is to rescue her aunt from the clutches of Hades and prevent him from using the tunnel betwixt the worlds as a means of launching a deadly attack upon the mortal world and so joining forces with Boudicca, Joan of Arc and the fearsome Tru’ng sisters from Vietnam, the “Battle for the Bomb Factory” begins… The Tunnel Betwixt is one of many gateways to the afterlife. Dare you take a deep breath and step into the swirling, indigo mists and follow the twisting, winding tunnel to places that you have never been? A world where water nymphs mingle freely with ancient Roman soldiers: a world filled with magic and mystery. If so, let your journey begin!


The very first book to be published by Ingrid Hall was called Granny Irene’s Guide to the Afterlife – Revenge and was the story of a little old Geordie Granny who found herself caught up in the Viking Afterlife. The book was written experimentally, in a broad Geordie accent (North-East England) and while the story captured people’s imagination, people, unfortunately struggled with Irene’s voice.

Having taken on board reader comments, Ingrid is now re-working this into The Chronicles of Ragnarok – A Norse Fantasy series, which will focus heavily on the Viking Gods, their battles and their turbulent sex lives. Sex, gore, Odin and Thor, what could be better! Book one Medora, will not only tell the story of how Irene Wilde came to be entangled with the Gods, but it will also focus on Odin’s troubled marriage to his wife Frigg, and his relationship with the Celtic Goddess of War, The Morrigan.


And don’t miss Ingrid’s alter ego –

Picture   Luna Ballentyne is the pen name of Author Ingrid Hall. Freedom which is the first book in The Sensual Liasion Series and which is an erotic romance will hopefully be published toward the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

Based loosely around the real-life Newcastle Witches, the series will tell the story of a time-travelling highwayman, who must sleep with hundreds of women in order to find his way back to the one true love of his life. The 17th Century woman who double-crossed him, and in doing so sealed her own fate.

You can keep up to date with all of the latest developments at


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