I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, writing a synopsis is the hardest part! Now you can get affordable assistance from Ingrid Hall.

ingrid (1)

First step – Ingrid will read your book, taking extensive notes as she goes. Once she’s done, you will receive a fully polished synopsis suitable to send to either agents or publishers. Her prices are fair and extremely competitive.

Manuscripts of up to 50,000 words £60.00 ($100.28)

Manuscripts of between 50-75,000 words £70.00 ($116.99)

Manuscripts of 75,000 words and over £85.00 ($142.07)


Three different versions will be provided for you to choose from, and her fee for this service is £50.00 (83.56)

Payment should be made by PayPal prior to work starting.

Interested? She will respond to your query within 72 hours. While you’re browsing her website, why not also check out the Manuscript and Editorial Assessment Service as well as Blogging Services?

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