Can you afford NOT to have an online presence?

We all need sales and publicity. Whether you are a small business owner or an independent author it is vital that you are able to get your message and products out to your customer base/readership in a heart beat. What better way than with a blog?

A blog does everything that a conventional website used to do with the added benefit of enabling you to constantly update your content to keep your “shop window” looking fresh! You can even have your own domain name ( If you want!

Where does Ingrid fit in?

She can take the pressure and hassle of creating an impressive looking blog away from you, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best! She also does research and comes up with creative, imaginative content on a regular basis aimed specifically at your target audience…and generating sales! She can integrate your blog with your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter – ensuring that your message gets out to all of your existing customers/followers with each and every blog post!

For a one off fee of just £30.00 ($49.77) you get a tailor-made blog and Ingrid will consult regularly with you during the set up process to ensure that you are completely happy. (This is for a blog address. If you require a www. then additional charges for the domain name will apply)

Once up and running, she will maintain the blog on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for you, providing tailor-made content for a fee of just £3.00 ($4.98) per 100 words. An average 400 word blog post will therefore cost you just £12.00 ($19.89)


If you supply her with content (e.g menus/details of special offers/promotions) she will upload it all for you. The fee for this option is just £2.00 ($3.32) per 100 words. An average 400 word blog post costing £8.00 ($13.26)


She also offers discounts for block bookings of blog posts as follows:

Tailor made block bookings (x5) £2.50 ($4.15) per 100 words. 5 x 400 word posts costing a total of £50.00 ($82.89)

Content supplied by client block bookings (x5) £1.50 ($2.49) per 100 words. 5 x 400 word posts costing £30.00 ($49.74)

Blog posts will be optimized for SEO. She will prepare and write each post, and inform you of the total amount to be paid. Where appropriate she will also send you a word document so that you can check it over. Once payment has been received then your post will go live as soon as she can get to a laptop! In terms of the block bookings, your account will be credited to the nearest 100 words if the posts come in at a lower word count. These credits can be used against future posts.


She aims to respond to all queries within 72 hours of receipt.

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