Ingrid Hall Pay As You Go Assessment and Editorial Services

Plugging another valuable service offered by the industrious Ingrid Hall! From personal experience, I can attest to her professional manner and that she does what she says she will do.

In her own words…




The one thing that strikes me most in my role as book reviewer is the number of good books that could be exceptionally good books if the author had only run the manuscript past an editor prior to publication and lack of editing is the primary reason why a lot of potentially good books are branded as bad.

However, we all know that a full editorial services don’t come cheap. Most indie authors, at least those starting out are on a shoestring budget and so hiring an editor, or getting any form of editorial help is only something that they could dream of…UNTIL NOW!

I am a published indie author and book reviewer, with experience of editing and improving books for my clients and I do fully understand the struggles that authors face when trying to do everything alone. I also have a keen eye for detail, and I know upon reading a manuscript what works and what doesn’t.

I recently introduced a Pay As You Go Manuscript Assessment Service and having listened to what my clients were telling me; I have now come up with a tiered service. Meaning that you can now Mix ‘n’ Match and cherry pick the aspects of editorial support that you require.

Initial Manuscript Assessment.

For a one off fee of just £20.00 ($33.31) I will read your manuscript of up to 60,000 words OR £25.00 ($41.60) if it is 61,000 words and over and will provide you with the following:

A detailed report focusing on the credibility/strengths and weaknesses of your characters, plot, dialogue, sentence structure, general writing skills, marketability, viewpoint, tense etc.

For an additional £20.00 ($33.31) I will also check and correct your manuscript for grammatical errors, if purchased at same time as an assessment; otherwise a fee of £40.00 ($66.57) will apply. I will not make any further changes to the document.

Once you have had a chance to read my assessment you can then decide whether you require any/all of my BOLT ON SERVICES.

Full editorial service, where I will iron out all issues £4.00 ($6.58) per 1000 words (or 0-1000 words) on a Pay As You Go basis (minimum 2000 words each time)

Or I can help you with:

Re-working issues with tense (Past/Present)

Re-working awkward sentences to make them more reader friendly

Resolving issues with viewpoint

Resolving issues/flaws in plot

I will provide you with a tailor made quote, for these individual bolt on services, depending upon the amount of work that is going to be involved.

Alternatively if you don’t wish to pay for the manuscript assessment upfront, you an opt immediately for my full editorial service which will include an ongoing assessment on a pay as you go basis (Minimum 2000 words at a time) This service also works best for short stories.

My overall aim is to help you produce a fully, polished manuscript on terms that you can afford and that is suitable for publication across the following platforms:



Barnes and Noble

Apple I Tunes




Baker & Taylor




If you opt for my full editorial service then all final formatting for publication will be completely FREE OF CHARGE. If for whatever reason I think that the work involved in getting your manuscript up to scratch is going to be too much, then I will tell you honestly.

A standard 70,000 word novel will cost you in total £280 ($460.92), however, because you can have it checked in increments of just 2000 words then you remain in complete control of your budget and can get started for as little as £8.00! ($13.16)

Payment is made via Paypal prior to the commencement of work and I will now accept payments in all currencies, as I appreciate that it makes it easier for a client if they can pay in their home currency. Simply contact me, and I will advise you of the correct amount to send!

If you can afford to pay for the full services of an editor, then fantastic! I wish you all the very best. If however you are one of the millions of indie authors out there that are desperate for some editorial guidance on terms that you can afford then you have everything to win and nothing to lose by trying the Pay As You Go Manuscript Assessment Service

Interested? Find me at

I aim to respond to all queries within 72 hours of receipt. My turnaround time is usually 7 -10 days.

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