Making Love is Out of this World…

About Luna Ballantyne

Luna Ballantyne is the sexy little sister of Author Ingrid Hall. Unlike Ingrid who is happily married, Luna would never stand for being tied down by just one man and is DEFINITELY going to be shaking things up! Her first erotic romance novel will be published at some point in 2014 and while she’s been very closed mouth about the details, she has let it slip that it contains a 17th century witch, a deliciously sexy highwayman, and a modern day woman who knows EXACTLY how to get what she wants…

You had me at deliciously sexy highwayman…*sigh*

brings to minds a little bit of this…

or maybe even…

I might be persuaded with this…


Ms Luna will also be reviewing some of the HOTTEST books around, which means her blog is strictly for the over 18′s. The threshold to Luna is below if you have a red hot romance or a lesbian/gay/erotic/bondage book and would like more…exposure.

Trust me, she can take it!


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