Entry #1 – Tell Us Your Elven Story

My entry in the Elven Story Contest…

Legendary Post

By the Bloody Stars

by J.D. Miller

Sion and his fellow Black Blade, Riko, swept round to the western side of the dense forest. Timing and speed would prove as valuable as their black-bladed weapons. Although the enemy’s attire was as black as their own, that was where the resemblance stopped. The Bok sentry succumbed quickly to the blades of the elves. While Riko disposed of the bodies, Sion took over sentry duty, his fine-tipped ears listening to the sounds of his brother Blades as they moved from tent to tent, moving deeper into the encampment. He surveyed the immediate area and, spying only the shadows cast by the campfires, stepped behind a nearby tree to relieve himself. Within moments, he heard an unfamiliar voice boom from the darkness.

“Where the hell is the sentry? I swear by the devil himself, I’ll tear out your black hearts and shove them…

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