Blood of Kaos, by J.D. Miller – Review by Publica tu ebooks

Etain and Faux are sisters. In a certain way, they have the normal problems that all sisters have. For example, they are in love with the same guy.But at the same time, their situation is a little bit different: the guy is a demon, and while Etain is an Alamir, her sister seems to be a demon girl.

Lord Darknight, affectionately called “Dar,” the guy the girls are in love with, does not have an easy life, either. He is the sworn enemy of his evil brother, Midir.Midir and Dar came from the same soul, who was separated into light and dark by the magical powers of their own world. The brothers have been fighting since then, because it is written that only one of them will survive in the end.Unfortunately, Etain and Faux seem to be simple pawns on the two brothers’ games and Etain will have to endure much before the end.Will the courage of an Alamir be enough to save the day?

You will need to read the work of J.D. Miller to find out.

In her book, J.D. Miller has been able to create a magical realm that coexists with our world. Because Etain happens to be a creature of the two kingdoms, her dialogue and attitude come off as a mix of modern slang with classical, mythical lore, contributing to the unique style that identifies Miller.This is a fantasy book with a good mixture of contemporary romance and the ever present sword and sorcery. J.D. Miller has definitely found a unique voice and we hope to read more from her in the future.

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