A Writer’s Gotta Write

It happens in every writer’s life – that time when you wonder what the hell am I doing? Why? Who the hell am I to think I have what it takes to conquer the world? Where is all this taking me?

Well, I have realized today (actually it was realized some time ago but for the sake of today’s blog, it is today) that it is the journey that makes it important. Yeah, it’s great to have a finished book at the end, sell millions, and be the literary heart throb on every best seller list in the galaxy, but if you learn nothing along the way then what was it worth? Writing is about the process. About how you develop as an individual voice amidst the throng of other voices yelling twice as loud to be heard. A writer must write to breathe – to be happy – to survive the bloody slings and arrows of life.

Back to the what happens in every writer’s life idea. I have come to the crossroads that I believe we all cross at some point in our writing careers – do I move ahead and keep on keeping on? Or, do I take a hard left and leave it all behind? Hmmmm *stares down that road* I see TV evenings, possible nights of book reading, maybe even a movie or two – not too bad – but this little brain of mine knows well enough the thoughts that will accompany all that TV watching, book reading, and movie going. That could be your book on the screen. If you had kept at it, who knows where it could’ve gone. *looks to the right* total darkness.

So, the right foot slides forward followed by the left, another right, again with the left, and on we go. Me and all those annoying opinionated voices in my head. For once, they cheer me on. No derogatory comments about how I’m not good enough. No snarky remarks of what a ridiculous sight I make, thinking I have something to say that anyone else could possibly ever be interested in reading. They murmur congratulations on an excellent choice, drink their drinks, and Slainte me down the novel road, happy they live another day to torment their mistress to near insanity.

Which, if I’m totally honest, makes my writing all the better.

As Eddie Kendricks said – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgAtvJNIdrU

And if that isn’t enough – Jim Butcher has an excellent slap on the writer’s ass – http://jimbutcher.livejournal.com/4217.html

Write on, brothers and sisters!

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Gotta Write

  1. I for one am very glade you kept to the path of writing. I have always looked forwards to reading what was to come next and I still look forwards to seeing what is to come.

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