A Walk into Nothingness…

They said – create a blog – therefore I created a blog. Speak of things you know – if your blog pertains to your book – talk about your book – but as this will soon become a series I will keep to my writing experience. Who the hell reads what I write? *shrugs* Who the hell knows. One thing I do know is that, at the moment, I am lost in the realm of marketing hell.

Hell, hell, hell.

A marketing guru, I am not. I am a writer so I will continue to write. And if others care to join in – we’ll bloody well make a party of it!

As I continue to worm my way through the seven hells of marketing, I am also at work on the second book in the Blood of Kaos series – DreamReaper. As with the first book, it is undergoing extensive edits. Well, okay, not really extensive, not like the first book – more like – enhancements, adjustments. My writing has improved over time. I have learned that I write in layers – kind of like an animator. Hmmm, an animator of the written word.

There’s always the first draft – just get the ideas out of my head and onto paper. Each subsequent draft adds another layer – characters gain character – dialogues gain authenticity & punch – and if I pay close attention, some description of time, place, and/or whatever is included. Small details can make a big difference to a story but, guess what, that is one of my shortcomings – details. What helps me is to “step into” my character, become that person, see the world they live in, imagine the situation they face, feel their fears, experience the emotion, hear their thoughts. Hopefully, then, I am able to convey that to my reader.

DreamReaper picks up where Blood of Kaos ends. I believe it will be better than Bok as this time around I have incorporated the help of critique partners. What a concept! They are amazing! I slap myself for not joining a writing forum sooner. Yes, I know, there is obviously a “duh” factor here but, I must confess, my brain is not always the first out of the gate. However, once engaged or “clued in” I can be quite tenacious.

Another lesson learned with BoK, start early on any artwork or promotional ideas. I am currently on the search for an artist to render the book cover and other items of interest. I have not turned my creative thoughts to the book trailer just yet, but there will be one.

Thus I walk the fine line between marketing of the first book and preparation of the second. I trust my mighty mouse will keep me in balance and see me through to a bright end.

Stay tuned BoK fans…

3 thoughts on “A Walk into Nothingness…

  1. You may find my blogging tips under top posts “sticky note: bloggers read if you want” and “blogging tips” helpful as it might help you gather interest in your book. I am currently working on my first born (book) but I decided that I was not going to wait on the whim of a publisher. My blog is to potentially create my market. Just my 2 cents, thanks for the visit! -OM

    1. I keep on truckin’ baby hoping that, in time, all my efforts will pay off. In the meantime, I am writing to my little heart’s content. Just like the wise hokey pokey says, “that’s what it’s all about.” Thank you, Patricia!

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