Trying my hand at a press release…

BoK cover


Denise Miller
Blood of Kaos
Published by Itoh Press
Ph#: 07804122489

One legacy comes to an end, a deadly one begins…

Etain, a teenager of fourteen, is forced to run for her life and stumbles into the realm of the Alamir as a young woman. The Alamir, human warriors infused with powerful magic, defend the delicate balance between good and evil. But not even they can protect her from the Bok’Na’Ra pursuer that murdered her family.

Lord Darknight and Midir, raised as brothers, are the light and the dark of a single soul, split apart by ancient priests when but a child. Midir has known of Etain’s existence most of her life and has conspired to possess the power she holds, power that will give him reign over the evil Bok’Na’Ra, nemesis of the Alamir, and deliver to him the ultimate control over all realms – elven, faerie, demon – and human. Lord Darknight, Dar to those closest to him, unaware of her existence, rescues the young woman after a violent clan battle that proves to be a pivotal moment in both their lives. His charge as a Krymerian mandates he protect and train her in the ways of a warrior however soon realizes their connection runs much deeper than teacher to student.

This book is imaginative and written with rich description that paints vivid scenery. The writing itself is snappy, as is the dialogue…
Mongrelonia, customer review

Stockport, Manchester, England – 30 March 2013 – debut author J.D. Miller has released her first fantasy novel entitled Blood of Kaos published by Itoh Press, Ltd .

J. D. (Denise) Miller was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Stockport, Manchester, England in 2009 after her marriage to a dashing Englishman.

Blood of Kaos is available in ebook form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. The paperback will be available soon!

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