With the Krymerians’ enforced neutrality, humans were left open to those hostile influences which reside outside their earthly realm of perception. Demons, wraiths, recruiters, and other blood-thirsty creatures inundated the human realm with fear, possession, and death. Thus was born The Alamir, human warriors infused with special powers and strength, created to defend the innocent, the weak, and the everyday citizen from the heinous monsters. It was rumored their powers came from ancient crystals imbued with magic, but from where they came or from whom was never known. Although not as powerful as the Krymerians, the Alamir worked diligently to learn from the examples they left behind.

After several years of struggle to remain a cohesive force, infighting gave way to an irreparable split among the Alamir. They found it necessary to form a Council of Ambassadors to enforce adherence to the codes of conduct and general guidelines. Some, disenchanted with the direction the group was headed, left to join the Bok’Na’Ra taking with them many secrets held dear by the warriors. Clans were formed within The Alamir to further strengthen their numbers – each clan in turn choosing a chieftain to lead and interact with the Council.

Dar VonNeshta, the High Lord of Kaos, a Krymerian, the last of his kind, is just such a chieftain. With the decimation of his own race, he in time befriended The Alamir and found them to be strong, fearless fighters. Always ready to train a willing student or lend a helping hand, he soon had a loyal following that urged him to start a clan of his own. The powerful LOKI clan was created to lead the battle against the Bok’Na’Ra.

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