There are races of light that follow the way of good, and there are races of dark that follow the way of evil. Between the two extremes dwell those races that follow neither the light nor the dark. They follow a much older discipline, the way of Kaos. Krymerians are one such race – perhaps the oldest of the neutral races.

At the birth of creation the Krymerians were born. In the beginning, the universe was not ruled by light or darkness, it was Kaos that ruled. Its essence infused into their very bones. They knew for all creation to survive a balance must be maintained, a balance that only Kaos could keep – the delicate balance between the light and the dark.

They are a race of tall, well muscled warriors mostly of pale skin tones with eyes of blue. Some would call them angels, others would call them demons. They were neither yet both. The Krymerians were created for the sole purpose of battling a foe that had not yet been seen but they knew was to come. Their entire lives were spent in training for this battle. From an early age they were taught the fine art of warfare and the use for every weapon and magic. Every one hundred years, the Krymerians would dedicate a season to fighting in which they would wage war amongst themselves to decide which clan would have the right to lead till the next fighting season.

It is not known in what year, but a Chieftain of the VonNeshta clan waged a war that, in the end, united all the clans under one banner. Under his rule and the rule of his descendants, the Krymerians became the perfect war machine. No race could match their skills in the art of war. But because of their neutrality and dedication to keeping the balance, thus insuring the survival of all creation, the other races turned their backs on the noble warriors.

Then came the day the Krymerians had spent their lives preparing for or so they thought, from the outcasts of the Alamir rose the horrid Bok’Na’Ra. Other races sent their best warriors to crush the powerful evil but they proved too weak. It fell to the Krymerians to carry the fight.

For ages the Krymerians fought the Bok’Na’Ra at every turn. When other realms were attacked by the Bok, it was the Krymerians that came to their aid. Not once did the gracious warriors hold animosity towards the others that had treated them with ill will. Always, they were first on the battlefield and the last to leave. Because of their single-minded dedication to eradicate the evil, over time, the Krymerians dwindled in numbers until there was only one surviving member left to carry on the fight.

With this sole survivor is where our story begins as he strives to continue the fight and rebuild a once proud and happy race. Will he be able to rebuild a lost race or will it be the end of a bloodline as old as the universe itself?

Dar VonNeshta

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