Big Boy Pants

The tone of the story began to take on more of an adult theme – totally not conducive with a game site meant for players of all ages. Thus, the RPG came to an end and Blood of Kaos was born, set free on its own website where there were no boundaries. This also meant a few other changes had to be made. First edit – trim the fat, streamline, improve.

Dar was always Krymerian so no change there. However, Etain and the others could no longer be Superdudes and their nemesis could no longer be Decay. The Alamir became the heroes – don’t ask from where the name originated. I’ve been trying to remember but for the life of me have no idea. Jeez, that was like 2005! I do know that from wherever it came the meaning has something to with strength and honor.

Decay became Bok’Na’Ra – a name created by my partner in fantasy. He was pretty good at that, too, making up names. Although every time I asked him to help name a new character his response was always, “You’re better at that than me.” Seriously?  Krymerian, VonNeshta, Nim’Na’Sharr, Bok’Na’Ra, Ba’alzamon, Burning Heart, Day Star, Velnoxtica (a revolting creature) – very credible and creative names. He likes to say, “I didn’t do it” but he does and he’s good at it. He’s a talent in his own right.

In Superdudes, there were 5 katras – mind, body, soul, spirit, and unknown. Each one imbued its owner with the special powers of their chosen katra.  The mind katra (green) wields the power of intellect to analyze and solve problems. The body katra (red) wields physical power and ability. The soul katra (brown) wields inner strength and harmony with natural forces. The spirit katra (blue) wields raw energy and power. The unknown katra (silver) is of chance, intuition, and luck. How do I remember after all these years, you ask? Well, luckily I stumbled across Infrarat’s old website – A plethora of information. The katras are not in Blood of Kaos, however they do come into play in another form later in the series. The Alamir had to get their powers from somewhere, right?

There is no modern weaponry in Blood of Kaos, meaning any weapon with mechanical working parts – hand guns, rifles, bazookas, bombs – stuff like that. They keep to the old ways of blade, bow, and hand to hand combat. Survival is personal business – you should know your enemy and be willing to come face to face for an act as permanent as death.

Oh, and did I mention magic? There’s always magic in the mix.


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