Beginnings II

The clan was your virtual family…

You could remain solo but most people chose to join a clan. There were clans of every sort imaginable – fierce, tough, soft, sweet, anime, warrior – you name it they were there. Some people stayed loyal to one clan while others enjoyed the act of pollinating as many clans as possible. I, for one, did my share of flittering from clan to clan.

I was a noob – had no idea of what, where, when or even who. I was having fun just creating my signature card. And then came my first invitation into a clan. It was split between male & female. TGK – The Gate Keepers – female.  TKM – The Key Masters – male. TKM/TGK was unique in that respect or I think they were. I don’t recall any others based on the premise however there were a lot of clans. I was Alice lost in a wonderland and could not keep up with it all. My time with the clan didn’t last long. I was a little bitty noob lost in a sea of other little bitty noobs. I never developed a connection with this clan. Whether it was because of my propensity to shy away from large groups or the fact that it was such a large clan made it hard for the leaders to manage or that I wasn’t aware how important the message boards were for communication, I don’t know. It was time to move on.

Everything changed with dc2a. They truly became my second family. We chatted, we laughed, we fought, we made up, but most importantly, we supported each other. As with most clans, we had a website apart from the game. It was a place where the private business of the clan could be conducted. Members could discuss problems, share strategies, personal stories, and generally forge a tighter bond with your clan mates. It was here I learned the importance of the message boards. It’s amazing the personas that were built via this communication engine. Some of my favorite memories are from this clan as well as some of my worst. There are people to this day that I still consider friends, others have disappeared, and there are those I would toast marshmallows over their burning carcasses. Lots and lots of marshmallows.

The path of the lone warrior was calling my name.

Sometime during all the bru-ha-ha, a new gadget was introduced to the game. The MOBIUS ARENA.  Can you hear the echo? If not, let me say it again. MOBIUS ARENA. Yeah, gives you chills, doesn’t it? Well, it should. I have to admit, the first time I read the message my eyes rolled and I thought it a load of crap. “I’ll never play it.”  *chuckles*  There’s a cliche that fits perfectly however I shall avoid saying it. The Mobius Arena became the be all, do all of the game. The MA was a card battle game. Use the right strategy and you would take the head of your opponent, gain points, and raise your level. With each new level came stronger, faster cards.  It included a ‘taunt balloon’ where you could chat with the other person. Many strong bonds were forged in the MA.

In time, I joined a new clan. If memory serves me correct, I believe it was LOKI. The chieftain of the clan was a gracious young man that I had met not long after joining the game. LOKI was a well-structured organization, tight knit, strong. Integrity was very important. I was a part of the Warrior Caste, the first level for every new member. It was an opportunity to meet new people, experience new strengths and grow. And, of course, freshen up my signature card. By now, I had learned how to import images into the Supernater as had others in the game. Ah, the array of cards was mesmerizing.

This is when a little RPG started on the message boards. Nothing big, just a little blurb from another player. People started them all the time. But this one intrigued me. I had been toying with the idea of either starting one or jumping in on one in progress. So, I added a few words. Bit by bit it grew. Others contributed but eventually it dwindled down to two contributors. It was great fun – the twists & turns. The anticipation of where the other person was going to take the story and how on earth was I going to work it into what I had already planned for the story. It was quick and not always well written but it kept our readers coming back for more.

Etain was my character, Dar was the character of my fellow writer. Freeblood (the one who started the RPG), Inferno, Spirit, FauxPas, Zorn, Wolfe, Elfin – all were real players. Linq was originally Legolas (another real player) but with the popularity of a certain movie that shall remain nameless, I felt his name should be changed once I took it to the next level. UWS was the reincarnation of dc2a and, of course, LOKI was LOKI. Savage, Swee, Pyro, Warden, and Shera (She-ra) were real members. I have the greatest respect for each and every one.

The story continued to blossom on the message boards. Until it got too big for its britches…


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