My husband & I were having a chat the other day about blogging. He wasn’t familiar with the term and so I explained how it is a way to connect to the world. To tell your side of a story, give instruction, praise, complain, whatever your little heart desires. Then we discussed what my blog should be about. What do I have to say that people want to read? (shrugs) Who knows.

So, I thought I would start with the origins of Blood of Kaos.

A few years ago, thanks to my 13 year old son, I was introduced to a game site called Superdudes. In the beginning it was a game where members created their super hero card, played games, and shared conversations and information on a message board. Not long after I joined they introduced an arena where battles could be fought between cards. There was a selection of cards to choose from to strengthen your forces. Each win attributed to raising the level of your character card which, in turn, opened up access to stronger, faster battle cards. The ultimate level was 8. It may sound like a low number but it took a lot of hard work and determination to achieve. Some members had more than a few cards while others were happy to stick with one.

Then there were the clans…

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